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Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Are you a novice just learning how to ski?
An intermediate looking to tackle more challenging terrain?
An advanced skier wanting to hone specific skills?

No matter what your level, the OC Ski Club offers free downhill ski and snowboard instruction on every Friday and Sunday bus trip to all interested OC members, applicants, and their guests. There is no limit to the number of lessons you can take.

How does it work?

Lessons by PSIA-certified instructors are provided on all Friday and Sunday day bus trips for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities from beginner to advanced.

  • Group instruction is generally available for all levels. Groups typically range anywhere from 3 to 10 skiers, depending on demand. Group lessons begin shortly after the bus arrives and last until lunchtime.
  • Private (individual) lessons are also available on selected days throughout the ski season. Be sure to watch the Upcoming Events or sign up for the weekly email updates to find out which dates are scheduled for individual instruction.
  • Our children's program offers specialized instruction for younger skiers from 7-13 years old. Contact us for availability.

How to sign up

Before you sign up for ski instruction, make sure you know your ability level and put this information on the sign-up form. If you are a “Never Ever” skier (or close to it) please talk to one of the instructors at the meeting.

You can either sign up for lessons at the club meeting before the bus trip or sign up directly on the bus on the way to the ski area.

Snowboard lessons are available with advance notice. You may either sign up for snowboard lessons at the Ski Instruction table at the club meeting before the bus trip or contact us in advance. You may also be able to sign up for snowboard instruction on the bus if instructors are available.



Hey, there's no shame in asking!
Contact us about our ski and snowboard lessons.

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Free ski and snowboard lessons are just one more great reason to become a member of the Out of Control Ski Club. You say you can't ski? Sign up now and we'll have you out on the slopes in no time!