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Join the Out of Control Ski Club

How to become a member of the OC Ski Club

To become a member of the Out of Control Ski Club, simply complete the Applicant Form and bring it with you along with a $40.00 applicant fee to a club meeting, on a ski bus, or return it by mail. NOTE: All applicants must be 18 years old or older (proof of age is required); full club membership is restricted to persons 21 years old or older.

Join at a club meeting

The Out of Control Ski Club meets every week during the winter and semi-monthly in the summer. Check out the Upcoming Events for the next club meeting.

Join on the ski bus

Guests may officially join the OC Ski Club on a day bus trip. Guests who apply for membership on the bus will receive the member bus rate for that trip and receive activity credit(s) toward full club membership.

Join by mail

Print and fill out the Applicant Form and mail it to:

Applicant Chair
Out of Control Ski Club
PO Box 13901
Albany, NY 12212-3901

Please be sure to include:

  • A check payable to the OC Ski Club for the applicant fee of $40
  • A copy of a photo ID that has your name, address and birth date on it (you can black out any ID number on the card)

If you want your Applicant Card mailed back to you, include a self-addressed stamped envelope, and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. However, please note that you cannot receive bus discounts or sign up for trips until you have your Applicant Card. Alternatively, you may also pick up your card at any club meeting.

I’ve officially become an Applicant. Now what?

Once you receive your applicant card, you may now sign up for bus day trips and extended ski trips, as well as other club activities.

To become a full club member, Applicants must complete the following activities during one fiscal year (June 1 – May 31):

Applicants who do not complete the activities within the fiscal year may re-apply as applicants the following year.

Why become a full member?

As a full member, you get a discount on your annual dues, as well as the additional benefits of voting and first option on ski trips.

How to renew your OC membership

To remain an OC Club member in good standing, you must renew your membership at the beginning of each fiscal year.

All memberships expire each year on May 31 and must be renewed prior to November 30 to avoid a late fee.

Members and applicants may renew online or print and complete the Membership Renewal Form and bring it to a club meeting or mail it along with your check to:

Membership Committee
Out of Control Ski Club
PO Box 13901
Albany, NY 12212-3901


Membership questions?

We're here to help!
Contact us and let us know what you need.

Are you a current member or applicant?

Now is the time to renew your 2017-2018 OC membership if you have not done so already. Remember, you must have a valid membership/applicant card to sign up for events like ski trips, day bus trips, and other club activities. Don't take any chances, because you surely don't want to miss out!

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