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Lost and Found

Items found on the downhill day buses

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you clearly label all of your equipment and bags with your name and phone number, as it will greatly improve your chances of recovering a lost item.

Found Items:

A pair of grey ski boots was found on the return bus from Mt. Snow on Friday, Dec. 22

This red North Face women’s jacket was left behind on the bus from Okemo Sunday Dec. 17.  The owner of this jacket was also at Mt. Snow on Dec 12.


Lost an Item?

Contact us to see if it was found on the bus.

Bus leaders will make every attempt to retrieve any equipment or personal items left behind on the bus and will either bring them to the meetings or give them to a member of the bus committee.

If you have lost an item, please follow up with the OC Bus Committee, or contact the ski area or Brown Coach directly if the item was not found by the bus leader.