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Board of Directors

OC Ski Club, Inc.


Matt Fabrizio, President
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Cathy Marvin, Vice President for Administration
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Matt Quackenbush, Vice President of Organized Skiing
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Sylvia Britt-Haefeli, Secretary
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Frank Coleman, Treasurer
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  • Chrisdin Dier
  • Bob Denninger
  • Donna Futia
  • Barney Galinsky
  • Fred Haefeli
  • Jeff Kenton
  • Deb Kruszona
  • Gail Marotti-Hossan
  • Chris Phillips
  • Cynthia Ward

Questions or Comments?

Fire away! We want to hear what you've got to say. Contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions for the club.

Club Documents

The club documents have been moved. Please use the link below to access the OC Ski Club Policies/Procedures and the Constitution/Bylaws