OC Ski Club

Social Activities - Overview
See the Events Calendar for dates and times.

Club Meetings - Guests are Welcome

You do not have to be a member to attend an OC meeting; they are more of a social get together than a meeting. Please come, meet new friends and see what we are all about. We meet at the Polish Community Center ( PCC ) around 8 PM. The PCC has a lounge area with a bar next to the meeting room. People are always mingling between the two rooms. We also have ambassadors who wear a flashing red pin if you have any questions. Actual club business usually only takes about 15 minutes.
Directions to the Polish Community Center

From October through April we meet every Thursday night.
From May through September we meet on the 1st Thursday and the 3rd Wednesday.

Happy Hours

Once a month, usually on a Wednesday, some members of the club get together for a Happy Hour at a local establishment for food and drinks. It is a good way to relax and meet new people.

Happy Hour Ski Buses

Throughout the ski season we run Happy Hour Buses on Saturdays to Pico / Killington for a day of skiing. After skiing we go to the Wobbly Barn ($2 entry fee with an OC pin) and take over the second floor. We have pizza (included) and dance until 7:15 PM. The bus leaves at 7:30 to take us home.

Club Parties

Throughout the year we have a variety or other parties. Some of these parties are held on Thursday nights and there is no business conducted.

    Listed in the Events Calendar
  • Halloween Party - October
  • Applicant Party - November
  • Holiday Party - December or January - dinner and dancing at a local restaurant
  • Committee Fair - January
  • Valentine's Day / Mardi Gras Party - February
  • St. Patrick's Day Party - March
  • Winter Carnival - usually in March. This is a day of skiing and contests.
  • Installation Banquet - May. - Dinner and dancing at a local restaurant.

Winter Season Activities

    Snow Sports
  • Sunday Ski Buses - See the Sunday Bus Schedule
  • Happy Hour Ski Buses - Various Saturdays; see the Sunday Bus Schedule
  • Cross Country Buses (OCXC) - Most Saturdays; see the OCXC Schedule
  • Weekday Buses - Usually on Fridays; see the Weekday Bus Schedule
  • Special weekday buses
    • Election Day
    • May 1st bus
    • June 1st bus
    • Warren Miller buses
  • Ski Council days - Drive up only

Spring, Summer and Fall Season Activities

    Other Sports
  • Volleyball League - Monday and Tuesday nights, Wed. is Open Net Night
  • Volleyball Tournament - September
  • Golfing
  • Biking
  • In-line Skating
    Other Activities see the Events Calendar
  • Weekend Canoe Trip
  • White Water Rafting
  • Summer Picnic
  • Summer Party Boat Cruise on Lake George
  • Dude Ranch Weekend