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Next Board Meeting: September 3rd - 7pm,
Club Meeting : September 3rd - 8pm
At The Polish Community Center

  • IF you are planning on signing up for a trip and have not yet paid your dues or have not picked up your membership card you will need to do so before the trip will accept your deposit.   You are required to show your card at the time of signing up
  • The membership table is often  open prior to the meeting but not always; we are always open by 8pm but this could be a problem if you are signing up for a popular trip.  
  • Please
    1. Pay, your dues online and email membership at membership@ocskiclub.org that you will need your card for Thursday's (9/3/15) evening signup. 
    2. If you've paid already you will still need to contact us so that we can pull your card out.
    3. We will have those cards in a separate file to facilitate a quicker pickup.
    4. Emails received after 2pm on 9/3/15 cannot be guaranteed to be ready.
  • Contact membership@ocskiclub.org to give us this advance request or take your chances.   Gretchen & Gail may be in line themselves to sign up for a trip

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Membership Recruitment Program - Updated!

"Board Minutes - April, May and June"

2015 Volleyball Tournament PayPal Sign Up

FWF Hands Non Sponsored Club Activities

Dues are PAST due!

2015-16 Ski Trips!
Trips opening September 3rd:
Mt Orford, Sutton, Owl's head; Smuggler's Notch;
Cortina, Italy


    Up Coming Events: Calendar Event Calendar

  • The September 16 meeting at the PCC has been changed to Sept 23, still at the PCC.

  • September 16 Bowling at Uncle Sam's Lanes PayPal sign up is now available. This is the September Happy Hour!!!

  • October 3rd - Headless Horseman

  • Hampton Beach - Please note that the club will not be scheduling a trip to Hampton Beach Lobster Fest this year.


OC Recognition Policy Changes

A committee appointed by the President has reviewed the recognition policy as necessary according to the policy. The committee gave their changes to the OC Board for review. The OC Board has voted & approved the recommended changes. The OC Board has asked that the recommended changes be brought to membership for review and approval.

Click here for Details

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman event details here!

Name of attendee(s)

"Help wanted!"

I am still in need of person to fill the chair positions for historian.

The historian should be someone who has the space to store the club's historical artifacts and who can bring some of it to the committee fair for people to sign the roster and look through the pictures.

Please contact me at the meetings or by email if you can help out your favorite club!

Thank you so much! Erin

September 3rd is the Kick-Off for the 2015/16 Ski Season.

All trips will be represented at the September 3rd meeting. Three trips (Cortina, Italy - New Year's Eve in the Eastern Township of Quebec, Canada -- Smuggler's Notch) will be opening on September 3rd. The remaining trips will open in October.

A summary of the trips has been posted on the website. This will give you the basic information regarding the scheduled trips. The trip leaders will have more information by the time of the Kick-Off.

Please note the following:

  1. Trip prices are determined by the cost to the club for the trip. Any benefits we receive for our participation are used to offset the cost to our members. For example, sometimes we get an early contracting bonus. We apply that credit to our costs. We generally get a free room/flight/ticket for every 20 paid slots. These again are used to offset our costs and to provide recognition to the Trip Leaders for their time and work.

  2. Recognition in the form of a discounted trip price is given to the Trip Leaders. Therefore, it is not necessary to give a Trip Leader gift. Please do not ask anyone to donate to a group gift. If you would like to recognize the Trip Leader, please do so individually.

  3. For Bus trips, there is a fixed cost that must be covered regardless of the number of participants. If a trip does not have the full number of budgeted participants, adjustments may be made to the trip package to keep the trip financially viable. To avoid issues, drive-up options will not be accepted until the bus slots are completely full. Additionally, there is always a possibility that the trip could be canceled or changed. There is also a possibility that a price can be reduced if we can exceed the budgeted number of participants.

  4. Some trips have a contingency built into the price. If we see that this contingency fund is not needed, the final trip payment may be reduced.

I have tried my best to provide a variety of trip options with reasonable pricing. I have taken input from members in selecting trip locations. I hope you enjoy the 2015/16 Ski Season.

As always, I welcome your feedback at , Alpinetrips.

Kathy Howard, Trips Chair

Bowling StrikeLet's Do It Again !!

Bowling at Uncle Sam's Lanes

600 Fulton Street, Troy

Wednesday, September 16th


Details and May winners.

Bowling Team
Enter Name(s) of players
Team Name

Good Day OC MEMBERS & Family

Have you booked your Summer get away?

It has been a few months since I had updated any activity information to you all however here is an offer that you all might be interested in!

Below is an offer that has been extended to the OC Ski Club for its members and Families.

Smugglers Notch offers a great value year round and Ben Childs wanted to open up an offer for us to take advantage of the Summer activities at the resort.

Please see the rates detailed below, should you have further interest please contact Ben Childs Directly at his contact information included.

The rates below are based on the "Simply Smuggs" package, http://www.smuggs.com/pages/summer/packages.php ,Summer group rates for our condos with a 20% discount are;

--Rates are per night “UNIT Cost”--

Condominium Size


July and after August 22nd



Up to 3*




Up to 4*




Up to 5*




Up to 6*




Up to 8*



15% tax and Service charge is included in quoted rates. *Additional guests 6 and older pay an additional $30 per night.

I can offer an additional 5% discount for 2 or more families traveling at the same time.

Thank you very much for the support the OC ski club has offered Smugglers' Notch Resort over the years. Your business is very much appreciated. I am looking forward to many trips to come.

Ben Childs Smugglers' Notch Resort Group Sales

Smugglers Notch Resort offers a wide variety of activities and can also steer you in the direction of local area gold courses if you desire to play 9 or 18 holes while vacationing added to the package price if you desire. Smugglers Resort amenities with this package include eight heated pools with plenty of lounge chairs, four winding water-slides, interactive water playgrounds, hot tubs for relaxing, a fresh water reservoir nestled amidst the mountains, wading pools, water-slides, and play areas just for little ones, The Fun Zone, Daily Guided Hikes & Walks, Varied Adult Adventures as well as daily organized morning & afternoon activities. Additionally you can add other activities to your vacation such as disc golf at the Brewster ridge disc golf course, http://www.smuggs.com/pages/summer/discGolf/

OC Ski Club Day Bus charge policy 11 update!

We are now going to charge all guests $20 upfront rather than $15 prepay and collect the additional $5 one-day membership on the bus. PayPal for next season will reflect this change. Also we have formalized the policy of only charging family under age 18 of member/applicants $10 to reserve a seat on the bus. It goes without saying that guests and family must have the sponsor present on the bus for these people to ride. Also I remind everyone that the Children at OC events specifies that children under age 7 are not allowed on any bus which is for safety reasons (seatbelt, car seat issues). Click here to review the policy change.

BallonsHAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Champaign

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Summer OC Ski Club Meetings!

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month (September 16), the OC's meetings will be at Uncle Sam's Lanes.

The meetings will be Happy Hour meetings, with the Happy Hour starting at 5pm and the Club meeting called to order at 6:15.

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The Membership/Applicant table will be doing business ONLY on the first Thursday meeting of the month, until October. (If something special is needed, please email the , so that we can attempt to accommodate you.)

Keep an eye on the Website and in weekly Newsletter, for other happy hours or any changes to this schedule.


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